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Fenrir - Setting: Pantheon

"Fenrir" is a dark fantasy story about Fenrir, a Mutt who got sold to The Wolfgrave Academy - A school and organization founded by Gravewolf the Vanquisher; and started his journey with one of the many Hiveslayers to prevent malicious uprisings of the outer gods.

Magic System:
Type 1 - Elemental, Healing, Laws
Type 2 - Spells, Curses, Transformations
Type 3 - Enchantments, Anchors, Seals
Type 4 - Gates, Wells, Summons

[Outer Gods]
The Gatekeeper, Spiraling Goddess of wisdom, Yogs
The Chaos-master, Blind-eyed God of unknown, Azakoth
The World-traveler, Coyote god of mischief, Nyar
The Immortal dragon spirit, Great Dragon King, Bokrug

[Elemental Gods]
The Feathered serpent goddess of light and rebirth, Yig
The Jaguar god of darkness and netherworld, Tez
The Goat-legged goddess of earth and fertility, Themis
The Oceanborn, Trinity of water and famine, Litan
The Flame of death, God of fire, Vulcan
The Steam of war, God of wind, Hastur
The Bolt of conquest, God of thunder, Donn